Product Description


PANOLIN ATLANTIS is a bio hydraulic fluid based on saturated synthetic esters for offshore and marine applications. PANOLIN ATLANTIS is the product of over 20 years of experience in high performance applications for biodegradable, environmentally considerate lubricants.


100% saturated ester base oils combine with carefully selected additives to provide excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and wear, without compromising environmental compatibility.


The synthetic saturated ester base oils present in PANOLIN ATLANTIS guard against gumming and deposits, even at extremely high operating temperatures, whilst the high viscosity index ensures superb levels of protection at both high and low temperatures.


Viscosity grades available are 22 and 32


PANOLIN ATLANTIS offers the following advantages:


Dramatically increased service life

Outstanding high pressure characteristics

Oxidation resistance - even at high temperatures

Outstanding protection at low temperatures due to the extremely
  low pour point




Hydraulic Equipment

Subsea Trenching

Subsea Cable Laying

Subsea ROV's

Civil & Marine Construction

Harbour & Port Developments

Off Shore Activities

Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

Road & Bridge Construction

Deck Cranes

Launch and Recovery Systems


Deck Ring Mains

Wellhead/SSSV, actuators, accumulators, tubing hangers

Line control fluid (closed systems)



Packaging available:


23 Litre (20kg) pails


210 Litre (190kg) drums


1000 Litre IBC's




Dielectric Strength


BS EN 60156 :1996-Test method for determining the brake down voltage at power frequency for insulating fluids.


Advantage : One fluid for hydraulics and as insulating fluid for electrical systems in subsea ROVs.



Environmental compatibility


Panolin Atlantis fully complies to the low ecotox profile required by the OSPAR commission in order to protect marine environment


In case of an unintended release to the environment due to leakage, PANOLIN ATLANTIS 22,32 will be biodegraded thus having a minimal impact on the environment.


OSPAR Recommendation 201/3 on HOCNF (Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format)


CEFAS- United Kingdom : OCNS Group E


• Klif ( former SFT) - Norway : Environmental Category Yellow (36062)


• SODM- Netherlands : OCNS Group E (HCMS Category R)



Fully Synthetic

Excellent anti-wear properties

Outstanding resistance

  to oxidation

No deposits even at the

  highest temperatures

Very low pour-point

Suitable for use over a very

  wide temperature range


Rapidly Biodegradable


The Blue Angel


Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

Significant Savings Through

  Fewer Oil Changes

Lower Disposal Costs

Protecting Equipment


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