UTTO lubricant – fully synthetic, rapidly biodegradable


Product Description


Fully synthetic biodegradable lubricant for combined use with

  gearboxes, hydraulic systems and hydrodynamic brakes

Developed in close collaboration with ZF Friedrichschafen*

Reduces and in many cases eliminates deposits on friction discs/clutches

Enables longer oil change intervals

Outstanding thermo-ageing stability

Excellent cold-running characteristics (extremely low pour point)

Compatible with all commercial sealing materials

Outstanding wear protection

* In Friedrichshafen extensive tests were carried out on various facilities, among other purposes to

meet the high demands of ZF on both static and dynamic friction characteristics.


Changing from conventional mineral oil to PANOLIN BIOFLUID ZFH

When changing over from conventional mineral oil, the system must be completely drained and flushed.

Deposits which have built up during operation with mineral oil may loosen.

In order to prevent mixing with mineral oil, auxiliary equipment and implements must also be filled with

PANOLIN BIOFLUID ZFH. Hydraulic oils, for example, may otherwise alter the frictional characteristics and thus cause clutch slipping, bad gear-changing or noisy operation of hydrodynamic brakes.


Environmental compatibility (average values – biological data subject to natural fluctuations)


Biodegradablity acc. to OECD 301 B: 71 %

The Blue Angel RAL-UZ 79

VwVwS classification: WGK-1, weak water pollutant




Railway Grinders

Railway Tampers

Railway Maintenance and Construction

Powershift Gearboxes, Differentials, Hydraulic Systems and
  Hydrodynamic Brakes in Excavators, Forestry, Agricultural and Rail
  Maintenance Machinery



Packaging available:


23 Litre (20kg) pails


210 Litre (190kg) drums




Fully Synthetic

Excellent anti-wear properties

Outstanding resistance

  to oxidation

No deposits even at the

  highest temperatures

Very low pour-point

Suitable for use over a very

  wide temperature range


Rapidly Biodegradable


The Blue Angel


Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

Significant Savings Through

  Fewer Oil Changes

Lower Disposal Costs

Protecting Equipment


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