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Where equipment is working in an environmentally sensitive location, PANOLIN BIOGREASE 2 should always be considered.


Product Description


Synthetic multi-purpose grease based on lithium calcium soap

Rapidly biodegradable

Good mechanical stability

High oxidation stability

Good anti-wear and anti-corrosion behaviour

Good water resistance

Wide temperature range

Compatible with grease based on lithium soap


Application (follow manufacturers instructions):


Where grease pollution of the environment is possible e.g. earthmoving equipment and vehicles (excluding wheel bearings)

For water turbine guide-vane pivot bearings

Bottom bearings of screw pumps used in sewerage plants

Hydraulic Equipment

Subsea Trenching

Subsea Cable Laying

Radial & Turbine Engineers (Aircraft)

Railway Grinders

Railway Tampers

Civil & Marine Construction

Commercial Maintenance

Harbour & Port Developments

Offshore Activities

Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

Railway Maintenance & Construction

Road & Bridge Construction

Subsea Operations



Performance grade:


VKA- Gutlast (OK load) DIN 51'350 part 2 > 2400N

Timken- Gutlast (OK load) ASTM D 2'509 > 150N




Terex 2 K-40


Viscosity grades:





Packaging available:


400gm cartridges


23 Litre (17kg) pails


210 Litre (180kg) drums

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