Is the World's leading fully synthetic, long life, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Having been available since 1985 and used in equipment for in excess of 1 billion hours, the credibility and experience is unparalleled supported by over 200 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approvals.

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is the product of choice for Environmental, Technological & Cost-Effective superiority in all major Dredging, Piling,

Bridge Building, Road Building, Offshore, Subsea, Railway Maintenance, Crane Trucks, Pipeline Construction and more.


Viscosity grades: 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 & 100



PANOLIN HLP SYNTH fulfils three criteria:


Environmental compatibility


Technological reliability





Environmentally compatibility


In case of leakage, PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is fully decomposed by soil and water micro-organisms, without affecting the environment and practically free of deposits. PANOLN HLP SYNTH conserves valuable resources thanks to its long services life.


Since 1986, biological degradability of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH has been assessed trialled and approved including:


ASTM D-6046-98a: Pw,1,Tw1,Ts1


Blaue Engel UZ 79/ The Blue Angel, due to its good biodegradability


Biological degradability: 80% (mean value) to

  CEC-L-33-T-82 / CEC-L-33-A93


Environmental Agency Standards


Eco labels from: Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden


Water Hazard classifications / VwVwS; nwg (35020-35040) WGK-1




Technological reliability


PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is a 100% synthetic high-performance hydraulic fluid complying with VDMA 24'568 HEES( synthetic esters insoluble in water). Ageing requirements are exceeded by far. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is a saturated ester product combined with high-grade additives.


Extremely good ageing characteristics and wear protection


Practically no residues or gumming due to ageing products


Far greater reserve capacities than conventional hydraulic fluids


Excellent high-pressure characteristics


High stability against oxidation (unparalleled)


Excellent cold flow characteristics (pour point down to -60°C)


Does not affect conventional sealing materials (complies with VDMA 24'569





The technology built into PANOLIN HLP SYNTH not only gives it outstanding performance, but makes it extremely economical in use. Although it cost more than conventional hydraulic fluids, the investment is repaid in terms of service life. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH shows no sign of aging even over long periods.







Hydraulic Equipment

Piling Hammers

Power Packs

Railway Grinders

Railway Tampers


Subsea Trenching

Subsea Cable Laying

Trams & Trains


Industries that use PANOLIN HLP SYTH


Civil & Marine Construction

Commercial Maintenance

Harbour & Port Developments

Off Shore Activities

Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

Railway Maintenance & Construction

Road & Bridge Construction

Subsea Operations



Packaging available:


23 Litres (20kg) pails


210 Litre (190kg) drums


1000 Litre (870kg) IBCs.



Fully Synthetic

Excellent anti-wear properties

Outstanding resistance

  to oxidation

No deposits even at the

  highest temperatures

Very low pour-point

Suitable for use over a very

  wide temperature range


Rapidly Biodegradable


The Blue Angel


Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

Significant Savings Through

  Fewer Oil Changes

Lower Disposal Costs

Protecting Equipment


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