PHILLIPS 66 X/C 20W-50 & X/C 25W-60

Product Description

X/C 20W-50

X/C 20W-50 is the first approved multi-viscosity aviation oil for opposed piston engines. It provides better engine performance than any single-grade oil in all weather conditions. X/C 20W-50 is formulated with an ash-less dispersant package allowing for cleaner engine operation. X/C 20W-50 is recommended for break-in. It provides a cleaner and quicker break-in than traditional all mineral single grade oils. Plus, X/C®is an operational oil so there is no need to switch oils after break-in. X/C 20W-50 utilizes all petroleum base oils which provide excellent solvency and is successful in preventing lead and lead salts.

Take advantage of X/C 20W-50’s multi-viscosity performance benefits year-round for easier starts and quicker flow of oil to critical engine parts.

X/C 25W-60

Phillips 66 X/C 25W-60 is the first and only multi-viscosity aviation oil designed to replace 120 grade oils. Pilots and mechanics will notice immediate benefits with X/C 25W-60 over single-grade oils. Benefits include improved oil flow at startup, quicker warm-up times, cooler operating temperatures, reduced oil consumption, and a cleaner operating engine. X/C 25W-60 can be used year-round, during break-in and on to TBO.


Radial and Turbine Engineers (Aircraft)

X/C 20W-50 (SAE50) - Opposed Piston

X/C 25W-60 (SAE60) - Radial Piston


Package Availability:

Drum - 208 Litre

Pail - 20 Kg (2.5 Gallons)

Bottle - 946 ml  (1 US Q.T.)


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