Petro-Canada's PURITY™ food-grade lubricants are designed for many applications in food processing plants. These specially formulated food-grade lubricants are effective under severe food processing operating conditions - from food acids and juices to by-products and temperature swings.

Our food-grade lubricants and greases fit perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and GMP plan, and carry a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements.

There's a PURITY FG product that's right for your needs.

PURITY FG Benefits

•  PURITY FG greases resist water washout, water jet spray and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning, better than many competitive food-grade greases - reducing the downtime needed for re-greasing

•  Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG carries a  full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements

PURITY™ FG Greases deliver high resistance to water washout

•  Better water resistance than non-food grade and some specialty food grade competitors means greases stay where they’re needed longer.

PURITY FG SYNTHETIC EP Gear Fluids deliver stronger wear protection

•  Than many major oil companies’ and specialty lubricant suppliers’ fluids. Less wear means fewer production upsets, higher productivity and helps to lower maintenance costs.

  • Product Description


    Petro-Canada's PURITY™ FG GREASE food-grade provides lubrication and pump-ability over a wide range of temperatures, along with excellent water washout and spray loss for better equipment protection, resulting in reduced consumption of food-grade grease.


    •  Lubrication and pump-ability over a wide range
    of temperatures


    •  Excellent equipment protection under shock
    loading conditions


    •  Exceptional resistance to water washout and water jet
    spray loss


    •  Protects gears (applies to EP00 only), bearings and equipment from wear and corrosion


    •  Available in EP2, EP1 and EP00 food-grade grease grades

  • Applications

    Oven Conveyers

    Refridgeration Compressors

    Food Manufacturing Equipment

    Food Processing

    Industrial Refridgeration / Cold Storage

    Petro-Canada PURITY FG Greases are specially formulated for the food industry, but perform equally well in these additional applications:

    Sleeve and anti-friction bearings, slides and guides

    Lumber and pulp/paper machinery where staining or contamination is a concern

    Textile machinery bearings

    Can seamers for beverage industry (PURITY FG1)

  • Package Availability

    Pails - 17kg

    Tubes - 400g

    Cans - 290g


    Available in NLGI Grade: 2,1,00

  • Technical Data Sheet


Product Enquiry

What is the HT difference?

Petro-Canada starts with the HT purity process to produce water-white, 99.9% pure base oils. The result is a range of lubricants, specialty fluids and greases that deliver maximum performance for our customers.

Nonfood Compounds Program Listed H1

ISO 21469 Certified


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO/TS 16949

an ISO Certified Company


Food Grade Lubricants: PURITY FG

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