SENTRON LD 5000 & 8000 205 Litre Drum


Petro-Canada's SENTRON™ gas engine oils are high performance, long-life oils used for stationary gas engines and compressors in a wide variety of applications with a key focus on gas compression and power generation.

SENTRON’s exceptional performance is especially important in the severe service conditions common in compression, power generation and combined heat and power applications.

SENTRON Gas Engine Oils are formulated with Petro-Canada’s ultra pure HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and highly advanced additive technology to help deliver a combination of extended oil life, extended drain intervals and excellent control of engine deposits.

Offering exceptional protection against wear and corrosion, SENTRON helps provide worry-free operation, increased engine durability and engine life, which can lead to a reduction in overall operating costs.

SENTRON Gas Engine Oils have a proven track record of successful use under a wide range of operating conditions.

There's a SENTRON product that's right for your needs!

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What is the HT difference?

Petro-Canada starts with the HT purity process to produce water-white, 99.9% pure base oils. The result is a range of lubricants, specialty fluids and greases that deliver maximum performance for our customers.

Product Description


Petro-Canada’s SENTRON LD 5000 & SENTRON LD 8000 Gas engine oils  provides exceptional overall engine protection and extended drains.


Specially formulated to enhance nitration control, SENTRON LD 8000 is suitable in both low and high nitrating engines, thus

allowing the consolidation of products which apply to only one type of nitrating engine. SENTRON LD 8000 goes a step beyond SENTRON LD 5000 in terms of nitration control.


SENTRON LD 5000 (0.57% wt ash) is a premium performance 4-stroke natural gas engine oil.


Both products feature:


Longer oil life provides greatly extended protection to gas engines operating under regular, high temperature and severe conditions


Extends drain intervals – up to 200% or longer compared to leading conventional competitive gas engine oils. Can reduce Maintenance and provide Savings


Outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuff protection


Keeps engine parts clean


Extremely low oil volatility


For use in Caterpillar, Caterpillar Power systems GmbH (MWM), MAN, MTU, Waukesha, and other turbocharged naturally aspirated, stoichiometric or lean burn engines, which require a low ash gas engine oil


GE Jenbacher approved in engine types 2, 3, 4, 6 (all versions) and 9 with Gas Type A including Formaldehyde Catalyst approval


Caterpillar G3600 engine verified and Waukesha L 7044GSI & L 7042GSI verified


Less used oil generated due to extended drain capability


Excellent piston cleanliness for reduced oil consumption and longer equipment life at extended drain intervals


Suitable for engines with catalytic converters and for severe service applications


Gas Engines

Commercial Maintenance

Harbour & Port Developments

Industrial Refridgeration / Cold Storage


Engine type examples include:

Turbocharged or naturally aspirated

Stoichiometric or lean/ultra-lean burn engines

Older diesel converted engine design

Many others...


Package Availability

IBC - 1000 Litre

Drum - 205 Litre

Pails - 20 Litre (5.3 US Gallons)

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SENTRON LD 5000 & 8000 20 Litre Pail


Gas Engine Oils: SENTRON

For your 2-stroke and 4-stroke needs

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