IMPERIAL- BIO-WIRE LINE GREASE is a readily biodegradable fortified vegetable based fluid which has been developed for effective wire line lubrication and peace of mind when operating in environmentally sensitive locations. Its excellent anti-friction properties will maintain seal pressure and reduces wear on the wire line and flo tubes.

BIO-WIRELINE is stable during use, yet breaks down easily in case of accidental spill to the environment. The base oil used to make ECO Wireline Lubricant is more than 96% biodegradable in standard tests, making it “readily biodegradable” per international standards.

• Excellent high film strength for superior wear protection.

• Readily Biodegradable >70% [OECD 301 B}

• Maximum corrosion protection.(CO2 and H2S)

• High Viscosity

• Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C

• Available in grades 680, 1200, 1500, 1850, 2000 and 5000 to suit winter and summer applications.


• Wirelines / Biodegradable wire and cable applications

• Off Shore Activities

• Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

• Drum - 205 Litre

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Imperial Oil & Chemical are the leading Australian distributor of quality oil, lubricant, chemical and eco friendly biodegradable products for the industrial, manufacturing, aviation, sub-sea, offshore, earth moving, railway, road & civil construction markets. With 40+ years experience, you can trust us.

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