• Fully synthetic biodegradable lubricant for combined use with

  gearboxes, hydraulic systems and hydrodynamic brakes

• Developed in close collaboration with ZF Friedrichschafen*

• Reduces and in many cases eliminates deposits on friction discs/clutches

• Enables longer oil change intervals

• Outstanding thermo-ageing stability

• Excellent cold-running characteristics (extremely low pour point)

• Compatible with all commercial sealing materials

• Outstanding wear protection

* In Friedrichshafen extensive tests were carried out on various facilities, among other purposes to

meet the high demands of ZF on both static and dynamic friction characteristics.

• Railway Grinders

• Railway Tampers

• Railway Maintenance and Construction

• Powershift Gearboxes, Differentials, Hydraulic Systems and Hydrodynamic Brakes in Excavators, Forestry, Agricultural and Rail Maintenance Machinery

• 23 Litre (20kg) pails

• 210 Litre (190kg) drums

• Biodegradablity acc. to OECD 301 B: 71 %

• The Blue Angel RAL-UZ 79

• VwVwS classification: WGK-1, weak water pollutant

• Fully Synthetic

• Excellent anti-wear properties

• Outstanding resistance to oxidation

• No deposits even at the highest temperatures

• Very low pour-point

• Suitable for use over a very wide temperature range

• Non-Toxic

• Rapidly Biodegradable

• Resource-Conserving

• The Blue Angel

• Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

• Significant Savings Through Fewer Oil Changes

• Lower Disposal Costs

• Protecting Equipment

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Imperial Oil & Chemical are the leading Australian distributor of quality oil, lubricant, chemical and eco friendly biodegradable products for the industrial, manufacturing, aviation, sub-sea, offshore, earth moving, railway, road & civil construction markets. With 40+ years experience, you can trust us.

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