A fully synthetic biodegradable gear oil for industrial gear boxes giving long life, readily biodegradable.  This synthetic gear oil, will last 2-5 times longer than conventional mineral gear oils, with a superior temperature range and lower coefficient friction.

PANOLIN EP SYNTH GEAR fulfills three criteria:

•        Environmental compatibility

•        Technological reliability

•        Cost-effectiveness

For roller bearings and slide bearings, PANOLIN EP GEAR SYNTH offers outstanding high preside properties, high temperature oxidation stability leading for a much longer life than conventional gear oils including synthetic equivalents.


• Cranes

• Dredging

• Subsea Trenching

• Subsea Cable Laying

• Trams & Trains

• Civil & Marine Construction

• Harbour & Port Developments

• Off Shore Activities

• Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

• Railway Maintenance & Construction

• 23 Litre (20kg) pails

• 210 Litre (190kg) drums


• Fully Synthetic

• Excellent anti-wear properties

• Outstanding resistance to oxidation

• No deposits even at the highest temperatures

• Very low pour-point

• Suitable for use over a very wide temperature range

• Non-Toxic

• Rapidly Biodegradable

• Resource-Conserving

• The Blue Angel

• Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

• Significant Savings Through Fewer Oil Changes

• Lower Disposal Costs

• Protecting Equipment

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