A fully synthetic-polyglycol based industrial gear oil for long life, readily biodegradable.  This synthetic gear oil, will last 2-5 times longer than conventional mineral gear oils, with a superior temperature range and lower coefficient friction.

PANOLIN EP SYNTH GEAR fulfills three criteria:

•        Environmental compatibility

•        Technological reliability

•        Cost-effectiveness


Include industrial drives (e.g. spur and bevel gears) and bearings under extreme load. Improves worm gear drive efficiencies by minimising sliding friction.


• Cranes

• Dredging

• Subsea Trenching

• Subsea Cable Laying

• Trams & Trains

• Civil & Marine Construction

• Harbour & Port Developments

• Off Shore Activities

• Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

• Railway Maintenance & Construction


NOT suitable for aluminium bronze worm gears

NOT mixable with mineral oil

All gear drives must be flushed before changing over to PANOLIN EP SYNTH GEAR

May affect primary paint and varnish coats, test first.

• 23 Litre (20kg) pails

• 210 Litre (190kg) drums

• Fully Synthetic

• Excellent anti-wear properties

• Outstanding resistance to oxidation

• No deposits even at the highest temperatures

• Very low pour-point

• Suitable for use over a very wide temperature range

• Non-Toxic

• Rapidly Biodegradable

• Resource-Conserving

• The Blue Angel

• Long Operating Life; Greater

  Machine Productivity

• Significant Savings Through

  Fewer Oil Changes

• Lower Disposal Costs

• Protecting Equipment

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