Petro-Canada's PURITY™ FG GREASE food-grade provides lubrication and pump-ability over a wide range of temperatures, along with excellent water washout and spray loss for better equipment protection, resulting in reduced consumption of food-grade grease.

•  Lubrication and pump-ability over a wide range 
of temperatures

•  Excellent equipment protection under shock 
loading conditions

•  Exceptional resistance to water washout and water jet 
spray loss

•  Protects gears (applies to EP00 only), bearings and equipment from wear and corrosion

•  Available in EP2, EP1 and EP00 food-grade grease grades

• Oven Conveyers

• Refridgeration Compressors

• Food Manufacturing Equipment

• Food Processing

• Industrial Refridgeration / Cold Storage

Petro-Canada PURITY FG Greases are specially formulated for the food industry, but perform equally well in these additional applications:

• Sleeve and anti-friction bearings, slides and guides

• Lumber and pulp/paper machinery where staining or contamination is a concern

• Textile machinery bearings

• Can seamers for beverage industry (PURITY FG1)

• Pails - 17kg

• Tubes - 400g

• Cans - 290g

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