Petro-Canada VULTREX Drill Rod Heavy Grease, thickened with a barium complex soap is characterized by its long-fibred and highly tenacious nature. Formulated using other speciality base oils and special oxidation inhibitors to deliver outstanding performance. The operating temperature is -12 °C and 135 °C (-10 °F and 275 °F).


Features and Benefits

• Superior high temperature stability

• Permits operation at elevated temperatures without lubricant loss or excessive hardening


• Outstanding adhesive and cohesive properties

• Withstands being squeezed out from/ between metal surfaces

• Resists being thrown off rotating equipment

• Effectively seals out dirt from bearing surfaces


• Extremely water repellent

• Protects metal surfaces against rust and corrosion

• Prolongs equipment life

• Drilling

• Oil & Gas Exploration / Mining

Petro-Canada VULTREX Drill Rod Heavy Grease is recommended for use on diamond drill rods where it reduces friction between the rod and rock strata. This tenacious, long fibre barium grease, has lubricated successfully to more than 2,000 foot drill depths without wash off, or wipe off..

• Pails - 17kg

• Pails - 10kg

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